Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Shyness, nervousness...

...I've been entertaining thoughts of increasing age allowing for a decrease in these emotions. Just to get to the point where I tell myself "I'm too old to keep feeling these feelings". Of course the question that then arrives is whether or not the current situations which cause me to feel these emotions are the same ones that have arrived in my past (or different in some areas, but essentially the same). And the other question of how much I need to overcome these emotions arises; how integral overcoming them is going to be in order for me to create a stable future for myself. It makes me wonder about the balance of age, where a stronger sense of self and importance is weighed against the problems of maintaining responsibilities and the strength of your name.

We all have our own definitions of work. There is no basic definition of work, aside from perhaps doing activities that you earn money from. But even that last part of the sentence is debatable. And I don't even want to delve into this lest it cast me into some 90's slacker neo-hippie that a fair amount of the world would believe it does, but it still gave me pause for consideration today after going to the bank.

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