Thursday, July 2, 2009

Today I was thinking about how people can start from the bottom and be seen as unkempt and ugly, and then slowly rise from this muck and be considered prestigious and worthy and all of them deserve it?

I hope most future literature is based around social networking, because it most likely will in order to appeal to the widest audience it can in order to sell more books. At least the book industry isn't as shallow and trendy as perhaps the music industry - even though they're both considered arts/entertainment. That label Arts and Entertainment has always bothered me. As if a piece of art that was created to inspire and evoke brain matter is on the same level as shallow vicarious eye-candy entertainment. But it's too late to reverse the two words from becoming synonymous with each other, right? May as well get used to the relation because you can't reverse it...

It's funny how my generation is the first one to be born around computers, since they were integrated into my everyday life for as long as I can remember. Back when I was 9 - 10, computers were normal; we used Encarta to research topics we were studying in school. But this was before social networking. It's definitely important to be critical of it. In the 'developed' world more than other countries...

As you can tell, I don't have that much to say here.

RIP Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett. You didn't influence me as much as others, but your impact is undeniable.

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