Friday, March 8, 2013


I've been thinking of a child, girl or boy, going to show and tell in class.

Standing up in front of the class and being prompted by the teacher to discuss his or her item.

Staying silent despite the teacher's increasingly confused and frustrated coaxing.

The class straining to see what the item is.  Putting as much effort into watching the child's face and the teacher's shift into authoritative behaviour.

The child staying silent, holding up the item for everyone to see.  The kid in the back who always seemed new.

Everyone is sitting too far away to see what the owner of the item sees, all its intricate details which fascinate him or her.  Only those in the very front can make out more details.

What do each of the classmates see?  The same thing?  Why is the child staying silent?  Why is there a lack of description?  What's to be gained by confusing and riling up the audience?

The teacher saying if there is no description, then please sit down. The item has to be explained - what is its meaning, why is it selected, where did it come from, why would the class like it.

The child sits back down, humiliated but still quiet...

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