Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Leen Sleiman, one of the contestants for Miss Lebanon. Like myself she's majoring in English literature.

Marisa Berenson.

I've never been that shallow about a woman's looks. A woman with freckles shouldn't be ashamed of her features. I feel the same way about arm hair, but if it's thicker than mine... .

Back in the mid-90's I first heard the name Silken Laumann, a Canadian Olympic gold medalist for rowing, for the first time. It sounded so mysterious back then. It's still one of the most striking names I've heard.

Eva Green. The Dreamers was a tour-de-force because of her.

But even with these photos, some of the most numinous women I've ever seen I know personally.


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  2. That was a really sweet post.

  3. Thanks, I'm glad you think so. Although they say a woman doesn't think being cute and sweet cuts it... . No offense intended to you, though. It's something I think about quite a bit.