Thursday, June 3, 2010


I'm writing a study of Henrik Ibsen's Ghosts, in comparison to Le Fanu's In a Glass Darkly.

I like Ghosts, it's intelligent and accessible. I won't reiterate all the points of my study though.
I'd rather talk about more superficial (?) points such as his facial hair. What came to my mind was James Joyce's goatee. It was surprising to learn that Joyce wrote a poem about Ghosts and used it in his own work.
Maybe I should have a facial hair style. But by that token, maybe I should wear white evening dress suits like Tom Wolfe and Marshall McLuhan. And take a walk at an exact certain time every day like Immanuel Kant. Obviously I'm kidding, but who knows. There's a quote I came across in an issue of Contemporary Verse: "I like it better when artists look like artists." An undercurrent of thought - do I need to adopt a certain style or practice in order to seem like a progressive creative force?

Of course not.

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  1. Interesting points there...
    I'd just like to comment that one trying to be eccentric isn't the same as being eccentric. And eccentricity does not mean artistic talent. There just happens to be some correlations between the two, but I believe the link is thinking outside of the box. If you are find dressing the way you choice, you're pretty out of the box now-a-days anyways.