Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Health is wealth?

Only recently have I heard about Irish Moss. I'm planning on trying it out, it's been said to have many health benefits. I've tried out other lesser-known foods such as sei-tan and bulgur and they've been worth the effort.

This weight gain diet I'm on is very hard to follow. You'd think that merely eating more food per day, or at least fulfilling the amount of calories/protein I'd need, would be easy. And for many people it would be, but I've always been used to eating smaller portions of food. And there's the mental factor - I get stressed that I'm overloading my body with nutrients. I also eat a lot of the same food, such as eggs, peanuts, chickpeas, whole wheat flax bread, chicken and others, and I was told that if you eat the same food for prolonged periods of time then its nutritional value decreases. But I've already planned out what foods I need to eat based on their fat/protein/carb levels after extensive research. Do I have to switch it around again? This is where more research comes into play. Exercise is like politics - there are so many different opinions, usually overly outspoken and self-confident, that you have to wade through so much of them just to find out the real truth.

I mean, I've gotten stronger and bigger but not as much as I'd like over the past one and a half years. But that's because I haven't made necessary steps that would bolster my confidence level, such as keeping a diary and continuously measuring my weight. A lot of exercise is mental - when I'm lifting a weight for the final two reps and I'm dying, the amount of time I've spent on exercise and all the food I've eaten rings inside my mind and gives me additional drive to complete the exercise. That's just me, though. I haven't gone about exercise in a comprehensive manner, but I've always got the desire to exercise and that's fundamental...

"I don't hit the ball because it'll only slow my bat down." - Mike Watt
"No hope gives me guts." - D. Boon

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