Sunday, September 20, 2009

Words Alive Festival 2009

I read a short story of mine entitled Cry Much?, as well as two passages from Disassociation.

After my reading the MC of the Open Mic stage, a writer named Malcolm, gave me some very high accolades and the audience gave me a loud ovation. A photographer from Snap Newspaper took me aside and asked me for some information regarding Disassociation, and then proceeded to take two photos of me holding it. I hope they use the photos and info. So it was all worth it in the end.
But when I left the Festival alone, just like when I came in alone, I thought more about how I wanted a girlfriend to share the whole thing with.

I'm in the far middle. There was a larger audience behind the shots as well, about twenty-five people. Modest, but enough to make me nervous.

The shots of my reading were taken by a music teacher also named Adam. I don't know if he'll see this, but if he does*, thanks and I appreciate it.
*originally written as 'is', just now corrected. Better late than never.

Poet David Glick reading from his book of poems inside a restored old house.

Some performers around my age. The woman in blue was giving spoken word to music.

The left side of the Festival.

This woman also performed some simple, clean poetry on the Open Mic.

York Professor Priscilla Uppal reading from her latest novel.

The entrance to the Festival.

I'm also going to be at the Draft Reading Series here in Toronto in early October, so hopefully I'll be able to have some shots from that as well.

I was also at the Word on the Street Festival, and will post the photos soon. I don't know why I thought the International Writer's Festival was this week.

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  1. Hi Adam,

    I enjoyed your reading at Words Alive (that's my back in your fourth picture on the right). I'd like to learn about the Draft Reading Series. Drop me a line.